Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother: a successful Filipino online story driving the fans to demand more content not seen on TV

PBB is legendary in the history of Filipino television — it turns nobodies into instant celebrities and endorsers. Thanks to the number of fans and followers who cover the description “die-hard” in its true essence and form. The increasing number of conversations and communities online is quite overwhelming. Number of fan pages on Facebook? Twenty. Number of groups on Facebook? Twenty-eight. Combining all the fans would equal to around 150,000 nationwide. There are so many blogs about the PBB fever and most of the important bits and information about this season is all in its Multiply page. And I haven’t even started about the Twitter buzz it’s getting.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Converse: Standing Out in a World of Replicas

In a world dominated by mass production as a key defining feature of the modern and post-modern era, duplication seems to be way to go. The market is proliferated with goods and services that seem to just be different variations of each other. Pirated shoes, bags, watches, clothes, electronics and what not have taken over, much like the piracy of music and movies that are available in retail outlets everywhere for a dime a dozen. The idea behind everything is that the lower the price of each individual item (which can be achieved through said mass production), the happier consumers are. The more happy consumers there are, the more happy suppliers there are. What’s happening is the propagation of a culture of piracy, with originality no longer a defining value of today’s society. But contrary to what is perceived, in this day and age of cloning and copycats, never has there been a higher premium for innovation than before. And Converse, a leading proprietor for footwear that rebel against the dictates of the status quo, has taken the fight against mediocrity to the interactive world.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiangges in Multiply: a successful online Filipino story

“Sis, how much if I buy 3 items? Pwede discount?”

I never expected to get so many sisters in a span of 1 month. About a year and a half ago, I got together with some friends and we attended the fourth and final book launch at Power Books wearing our own Twilight-inspired shirts. We wanted to feel the whole Comic-Con vibe and when we got there, the girls started going crazy. Girls asking for our numbers? Check. Girls asking to see more designs? Uncheck. Girls asking for pictures of more shirts? Uncheck. So that’s when we decided to create our own Multiply store and discovered so many other Multiply stores creating good business online.