Monday, July 5, 2010

Advertisers Catch a New Beat with Music Marketing 2.0

It's no secret that the music industry is one of the most affected by the internet's growth. Peer-to-peer sites like Napster and Frostwire have made it easy for music lovers to share and download music with a click of a mouse. While there are issues around piracy and copyright laws, the challenge remains that it’s difficult to fight off all these sites since they all operate virtually. Shut down one today, and a new one will surely crop up tomorrow.

Instead of the ‘aim to blame’ approach on who should be persecuted for this kind of behavior and who is at fault, perhaps it is better to ‘aim to frame’ and look for opportunities in a time of crisis. For advertisers and brand marketers, this is an excellent time to expand music marketing activities online. Welcome to music marketing 2.0!

Take the example of C2 who recently launched a campaign on Multiply to ask consumers to make their own music video from the C2 jingle. The results were amazing not only in terms of the quantity of entries but the quality of submissions were also quite good, enough to make any marketer jealous. Check out the finalist videos here.

Another route to take is by distributing your offline events online through a popular music site. Nokia Independent Artists Club (IAC) and recently worked together to promote some of featured bands from IAC on the website. Videos of the band gigs were featured as content alongside band write-ups and features of their songs. If you’re already spending for an offline gig/event, why not try to get as many of your audience to learn about it. Use the internet to distribute your content and you’ll be able to effectively maximize your marketing spend. Technology now allows for streaming as well, if your venue is wired there’s no stopping you from showing your event online. Doing this lets people join the fun from the comfort of their homes or their offices. Our streaming capabilities also allow for interaction through chat and polls. Get the fans to chat with their favorite bands and gain some brand love in the process.

Once again, we’re reminded of the infinite possibilities online marketing offers. If it’s free music that people want and a chance to strike-up a conversation with your music endorsers, the Internet can be a great tool to bridge that. Learn more about music marketing and the opportunities on and from ABS-CBN Interactive.

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