Saturday, January 22, 2011

Constant Learning Through Marketing

The year 2010 has truly proven to have changed the digital landscape. Only a few years ago, the term “mobile application” was infrequently used and bizarre to the average person. Now, however, mobile applications, more commonly referred to as “Apps”, has become a household term. These Apps not only provide mobile users with games and other forms of entertainment, they also enable users to access the Internet from anywhere! With this appification and mobilization of the web, as well as with group buying start-ups sprouting here and there, marketers of today are definitely faced with new challenges. We can no longer rely on the marketing tools and efforts which may have worked in the years past—with the way technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Marketers should therefore learn how to use these changes to their advantage—and this web marketing philosophy blog helps by aptly stating what marketers should learn in this digital era.