Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hitman Breaker of the Eye - A Funny Philippine Online Success Story

I've been hearing mad raves about this youngster called Nick Dreamer or a.k.a. "Hitman Breaker of The Eye" over at Youtube gaining massive popularity over the past weeks, but since I'm not exactly one to watch random individuals belting out tunes over Youtube, I didn't pay that much attention. But because online reviews, blogs, and links shared over messengers started piling up. I decided to drop by his Youtube page to see if it truly does live up the hype.

On his channel, you'll see a featured video entitled: "Happy Birthday to You", which I believe rocketed him to online stardom.

So the video starts with him setting up whatever it is he needs to set up for a couple of seconds before doing these, very, very, very strange and outrageous hand gesticulations. I think I let out a giggle, mostly because, really, who'd have enough balls to deliberately record himself on video while doing something so embarrassing?

Then he starts singing. The voice is grating and atrocious and out-of-tune and just, really, all sorts of horrible, it's like a cacophony of three tone-deaf vagabonds attempting to sing Soprano, remixed with the sound of some stray female cat on an alleyway having sexy time with another stray male cat, who is coincidentally being ass-raped by mountain lions. Doesn't paint a happy picture right? But the idea itself is funny? Well, basically, that was another reason for me finishing the entire video because, I wanted to see just how far this guy was planning on extending the embarrassment.

Then it made me think, "Is he aware that he can't really belt out a tune?"

Maybe but not bloody likely. Of course he knows! And instead of capitalizing on his good looks and talents--because, obviously, between you and me, I don't think that's possible--he's doing something smarter and doing something that's not for the faint of heart. Insert drum rolls, he's actually capitalizing on his non-existent good looks and talents--which is something very very unique online.

Why do people watch his videos then, you ask? One, it's obviously very funny--but a lot of other things are funny, why are people gravitating towards this poorly produced, non-sensical video? Well, fact is, human beings are both sadists and masochists. Human beings enjoy watching tortured souls, enjoy watching people embarrassing themselves, and being able to pat their own back for not being crazy enough to upload a video of themselves singing in the shower stall (because God knows, 80% of us can't so much as match Hitmanbreakeroftheeye's singing prowess). At the same time, we're masochists--we want to cringe and feel embarrassed for the boy, but remain so fascinated, we can't stop ourselves--like a plane crash, it's impossible to look away! So basically, yes, human psyches apart, Nick Dreamer or Hitman Breaker of the Eye is plainly for laughs and giggles AND a couple of thousands of faves, likes, shares, and link-backs.

Don't get me wrong, this is in no way a means to bash or say bad things about Nick Dreamer, who I just added on to my list of Facebook friends, but an honest insight as to why he's a Philippine Online Success Story.

One thing that makes his secret recipe to success, aside from his superb cross posting skills, looks, and funny original content, is his ability to be himself, look you straight in the eye, and tell you "Hhhheeeeyyy Durrr! I'hmmmm Vhhhhiiiraaallll!".


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