Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging + Ukay-Ukay = Tourism?

The man behind the camera and the blog, Scott Schuman is called by, "The most powerful man in fashion -- without being a designer, model or formally trained photographer -- Scott Schuman has put fashion trends back in the hands of everyday people by photographing them on the street and posting their images on his site."

The Sartorialist blog is totally the best thing to ever hit the web for me. I don't think I have ever felt this way about any other blog before. The feeling is a clear tie when I'm out ukay ukay shopping so it's pretty intense.

So when I found out about The Sartorialist visiting Australia--- I googled and googled. I learned that Tourism Australia has been exploring new ways to attract tourists. In fact, Tourism Australia started the year right with The Best Job in the World viral search. Did you apply? I did. Fail. Hehe. See the results? Compelling results right? It was timely for Tourism Australia to massively use social media to attract and engage potential visitors at the height of this buzz. To date, Tourism Australia's Facebook page gets 1,000 fans every day. Tweets influenced by his fashion features are quite interesting too. And now, to be invited to visit Australia to take photos of ordinary Australians? Solid. Simple and solid. And it must have worked for sure, and it still is. The Sartorialist has a growing number of followers in countries all over the world and with just a click of his camera and an upload of one single photo--KABOOM! I'm in awe just imagining how much motivation that action can translate to a regular blog visitor like me to book for a ticket to Melbourne.

Three months ago, I bought his blog-turned-book which is still making its rounds at the office. Get it, blog-turned-book and not the other way around. That is clearly a demand that is growing thanks to these oh so passionate bloggers. I salute you all.

There are no case studies to support the success of The Sartorialist conquering Australia right now. But it doesn't take a genius to know how much impact his visit has had for Tourism Australia. I know from The Black Eyed Peas is the new Philippines Tourism endorser. I like the vibrancy of the video Take me to the Philippines but a music video these days is nothing new, right? And I am not just pertaining to the tourism industry.

Again, I am inviting you to sit back and relax on your chair. Breathe slowly then type in on your browser and maybe you may be inspired with what you might wear tomorrow and the day after. Change is good =)

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