Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wrestling is as real as reality TV

Wrestling has and still is a big part of pop culture.

From the days of the Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan to today with big stars like Triple H, The Undertaker and John Cena, these larger than life personalities have never failed to capture our imagination. I’m sure not a few of us dreamt of coming out to a dazzling display of pyrotechnics and an arena full of cheering fans, executing elbow drops, body slams and punches to the face of opponents… all before performing a finishing move or two to the approval of thousands of adorers. If only!

In the meantime, settling with watching our favorite superstars do the dirty work isn’t so bad, right? And in this day and age, we are not just limited to seeing our favorite wrestlers on television (btw, not having that 2 month delay to catch the latest episode of WWE is just fantastic, isn’t it?). We see them in movies (some in starring roles like John Cena in The Marine, some in smaller parts like Triple H in Blade Trinity) in magazines and other publications, and, of course, on the information superhighway. Whatever production you’re into, whether it be World Wrestling Entertainment, Total Non-Stop Action (don’t you just miss the old Monday night wars between WWF and WCW?) or some other indie productions like Ring of Honor, the world wide web now gives you access to information that wasn’t available before.

However, it is not the official websites of these productions that have made the heads of hardcore wrestling fans turn. Rather, they are the independent news wrestling sites that seem to be the rave to those who really want to be in the loop. One particular site, Wrestling News World, stands out. Unlike the official websites of WWE, TNA or ROH that provides information only for their particular production, Wrestling News World is a wrestling information one-stop-shop where results for all productions can be found. Not only that, it offers honest commentaries from people who are not employed by any of the aforementioned productions but still know what they are talking about. You would definitely not see an article saying “today’s episode of WWE's Monday Night Raw sucked” on WWE website. Rumors and spoilers are also given, features that you’re sure not to find in any official webpage as they, of course, would like to maintain the illusion of wrestling’s legitimacy (What?? Wrestling is fake?? Are you serious??).

So even if sites like WWE or TNA provide higher resolution pictures and better page layouts, websites such as Wrestling News World provide better content. So go ahead, be in the know. Visit Wrestling News World and know what’s really happening on the scenes and behind them.

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