Friday, November 27, 2009

Our "Viral" Pet Hamster and SPAMguard!

Hi Guys! We have an announcement! Whilst most webmasters are busy keeping their websites secure and free of unnecessary clutter by using verifications and CAPTCHA codes, we decided to keep our blog as clean by using a different means. we got ourselves a pet to guard our site of spammers and spam in general! Thanks to aBowman, we now have a cute little hamster to keep all of us safe!

We'll place him on the right side of our blog to watch over all our visitors including you. Don't worry, he doesn't bite! Just make sure you feed him and play with him from time to time. Oh by the way, we don't doesn't have a name for him yet, but we're thinking of naming him "BANNER". What do you think? In any case, be nice to him...he might pee on you!

How is this related to our blog about Philippine Success Stories!? We'll you can treat our pet hamster as an online case study of an attempt to make something viral! Again many thanks to aBowman!

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