Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiangges in Multiply: a successful online Filipino story

“Sis, how much if I buy 3 items? Pwede discount?”

I never expected to get so many sisters in a span of 1 month. About a year and a half ago, I got together with some friends and we attended the fourth and final book launch at Power Books wearing our own Twilight-inspired shirts. We wanted to feel the whole Comic-Con vibe and when we got there, the girls started going crazy. Girls asking for our numbers? Check. Girls asking to see more designs? Uncheck. Girls asking for pictures of more shirts? Uncheck. So that’s when we decided to create our own Multiply store and discovered so many other Multiply stores creating good business online.

I’m sure Multiply didn’t intend for their site to be the biggest shopping haven for Filipinos online. If you haven’t heard, they finally made it official for anyone to sell.

Talk about an influx of tiangges from Greenhills and Tiendesitas turning their stores into Multiply stores. Even people who never had tiangges could easily set up one in a snap.

The formula to success in creating a Multiply store lies in the managing and moderating of the page. The secret to keeping your store healthy is being friends with your customers. Take a picture with them after a meet-up. Ask them why they like your stuff. If they can’t find anything in your store, ask them what they want. Personal touch is key. Always reply.

You are your own brand so get yourself out there! Join the bazaars. Join other social media networks and forums. Make more and more friends and best of all, don’t be a spammer. Happy selling!

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