Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pacquiao + Paparazzi = Pacmarazzi!

Has the Philippines finally caught on with the paparazzi craze?

From getting our weekly scoop of celebrity gossip from shows like the Buzz to following them daily thanks to SNN, we Filipinos have moved on to the next level.

Just like the many obsessed fans around the globe we just cannot get enough of what is happening in the lives of our favorite celebrities that we restlessly fidget using other media sources. We now get hour-feeds from the internet thanks to hardworking paparazzi, bloggers and of course, even ordinary people like us who happen to have a cellphone when they come across stars.

Let's use the current hot topic of last week for instance--Manny Pacquiao and mystery woman caught on video after guesting on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Just days before the news of his alleged liaison spread, he was celebrating his victory over Cotto and through someone's clicking of the send button, people soon forgot about the legendary battle...I'm sure all of you know the juicy details by now, so I'll lay off the gossip. It's just interesting to know that our country's latest scandal has just been caused by the Youtube phenomenon. Seeing this topic on the news feels like watching a TMZ show that runs 100% on paparazzi footage.

Of course we are not talking about the same paparazzi exposure that Brangelina, Robsten and the rest of the cast of New Moon, and Lindsay Lohan get; but who knows what can become of the lives of our local celebs in the coming days through the power of our fingers! Local celebrities will soon have to find places to hide off to.

So what do you think of Manny's new image to date?

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