Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pinoy Big Brother: a successful Filipino online story driving the fans to demand more content not seen on TV

PBB is legendary in the history of Filipino television — it turns nobodies into instant celebrities and endorsers. Thanks to the number of fans and followers who cover the description “die-hard” in its true essence and form. The increasing number of conversations and communities online is quite overwhelming. Number of fan pages on Facebook? Twenty. Number of groups on Facebook? Twenty-eight. Combining all the fans would equal to around 150,000 nationwide. There are so many blogs about the PBB fever and most of the important bits and information about this season is all in its Multiply page. And I haven’t even started about the Twitter buzz it’s getting.

This season’s Double Up fans have demanded more from the show and Globe happened to stumble upon the need for something more that PBB can offer to viewers.

Globe Tattoo is rewarding its subscribers with exclusive Nomination Night videos NOT SEEN ON TV and is getting the right amount of Filipino viral push for it. Just launched last Saturday, there are already 10 uncut versions of the housemates' confessions. You also get to stay in touch with your friends within the site because of Facebook Connect. You may read the 4th Angel's Spy Blog who is Globe Tattoo's resident PBB Spy blogger committed to bringing you the biggest breaks on everything that happens inside Kuya's House! Just like Gossip Girl, you may subscribe to 4th Angel's juicy texts.

Globe Tattoo is cooking up more firsts in the Filipino advertising landscape. Synergy for TV, web, and mobile will definitely open a gateway for more Filipino online success stories for Globe. I sure hope other brands will give us a full on experience
such as this and deliver more online marketing strategies relevant to what Filipinos are talking about. Globe will totally emerge to be stronger in building powerful engagements with their customers in relevant touchpoints (not just TV!).

Listening to the people's demands pays off and you can't mess with PBB being a Filipino online favorite!

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