Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catching Up: Not Just Banner Ads Web Wednesdays #1

Not Just Banner Ads Web Wednesdays
Due to the after-Christmas wave of workload, it's been around three months (or so) since we've last updated our blog.

In any case, I'm more than glad to say: we're back! For those who frequent our blog or for those who've just dropped by, you might often think or wonder what exactly do we do here in this blog. Just a tip, look to your right and read our brief about us snippet or scroll all the way down and read our mission vision.

Moving on, I just wanted to take this opportunity, not so summarize three months' worth of online buzz and news, but to share with you our team's first ever Web Wednesday (last week). To cut it short, we sit down as a team, order pizza, and talk about big ideas.

It's basically similar to what I had before with Thousand Minds Social Media where we called our sessions Monday's Innovative Breakfasts and Paulo's Big Idea Wednesdays back at Arc Worldwide (a BTL ad agency) where he used to work. I also used to write about Thousand Minds' MIB sessions at the Thousand Minds blog.

Sad to say, our first Web Wednesday wasn't as technical or as spectacular as Steve Jobs' Keynote presentations, but it's more than worthwhile to share.

Key Topics

2. Tapping Influencers To Create Efficient Buzz

Basically these exercises aim to keep everyone on the team inspired and on top of great ideas. We would probably share a more detailed summary of our discussions as we go along. Meanwhile, go ahead and Google these topics and see for yourselves why they were the key highlights of our sessions.

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