Friday, April 16, 2010

Interactive TV FTW! Ever catch Sarah Geronimo's Hair Is Your Moment Microseries?

A number of weeks back, Sunsilk launched it’s first ever interactive microseries entitled “Hair is Your Moment” starring Sarah Geronimo, Mark Bautista, and Guji Lorenzana. The weekly two-minute episodes are first shown on ASAP on Sundays and they are made available online minutes after. You can catch them here which features your typical rags to riches, unknown to pop princess story. What’s not typical, though, is how the next microsodes play out. After each microsode, the viewers are presented with two choices of what events would unfold in the next one.

This creates for a compelling storyline that fans couldn’t help but fall head over heels for. Clearly, Sunsilk's strategy directed the fans to purchase the product on panic-mode in order to vote for the chosen ending with a sense of urgency! Voting became a weekly ritual to Sarah Geronimo fans and other enthusiasts who simply found the microseries extremely funny!

In this sense, by putting the fate of the series in the viewers’ hands, the brand was able to create an emotional attachment with their target market. Having them win instant prizes by participating helped as well. The fact that Sunsilk Sachets were sold out EVERYWHERE serves as a testament to the success of the campaign.

Highlights from Sunsilk's Hair Is Your Moment Microseries Campaign:

  • The microsite has over 65,000 pageviews (now running on eight weeks) with almost 30,000 unique visitors with a good number of minutes per user spent on the site
  • Facebook is the microsite’s number one referrer, mostly because of the engagement that Jenny Raymundo (Sarah Geronimo’s character) has with her fans on her FB fan page
  • Some entries on Jenny Raymundo’s Diary had around 60 comments on them! To think that this is not exactly a social networking site.
  • Youtube views for all microsodes reaching 150,000, amplifying the YouTube hairisyourmoment Channel even more.
  • 3,155 fans on Facebook and counting!
  • Fan interaction on all platforms (Microsite, Blog, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, Twitter) just proves to be EPIC! Fans are constantly talking to Sarah, Mark and Guji’s characters and the conversations are fun, flirty, cute, genuine, angry, indeed a total mix of strong emotions! These fans are enthusiastically (more like borderline-crazily) following the Hair Is Your Moment Microseries on extreme 24/7 mode- no sleeping required!
  • An influx of fan art occupies the Photos section of Jenny Raymundo's Facebook Fan Page! Fans would send in artwork and fellow fans would comment in the quirkiest way possible. Our friends from Sunsilk did not let this pass without selecting 2 deserving ones and giving them autographed hard bound images of Sarah Geronimo.

We may have seen the future of Philippine Television. It will not come as a surprise if a full teleserye takes this very interactive route one of these days, don't you think?

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