Thursday, April 8, 2010

Up Next: Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010

So ends another season of Pinoy Big Brother. And what a season it was! We saw the emergence of one of the weirdest love teams in Melason and their meteoric rise from obscurity to global recognition. Moreover, we saw the emergence and success of PBB ang Globe’s partnership in bringing exclusive content to Globe Tattoo’s subscribers. The campaign was a definite success as online monthly hits exceeded expectations by 1,600 % and mobile hits almost reached the 20,000 mark… all these considering the project ran for just a number of weeks. Pretty awesome figures, definitely.

A lot of things could be attributed to the success of this endeavor. Content is king definitely, and the promise of exclusive, behind the scenes content proved to be too tempting for eligible users to pass up on… and they definitely weren’t disappointed. The content proved to be very interesting to the point that for those who were able to view the exclusive content, they spent more time on the Globe Tattoo microsite than on the Pinoy Big Brother’s main site. Another element that definitely helped would be the Facebook Connect feature, allowing the visitors to share their thoughts on the site and reflect it on their Facebook accounts. Juicy information sent through the spy texts were also received with much rave, as it gave the vibe of being in the loop no matter where they were ala-Gossip Girl. Hardcore fans were also in for a treat when it was revealed that the subscribers’ votes on who to evict or save from big brother’s house would be counted as six. These privileges were indeed received with arms wide open by Globe Tattoo subscribers. The project’s success, I believe, will continue with the upcoming Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010. What surprises does Pinoy Big Brother's teen edition hold for us?

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