Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo changing the face of the Philippine Elections 2010

The Philippine elections, a telenovela?

No other event in the country brings as much drama to the public eye as the 2010 Philippine electorate's exercise of their constitutionally given right to choose the leaders of the pact. Held every three years, these elections have been known to be the source of plots and story lines that can almost be too surreal, much like our favorite Filipino telenovelas. And, in as much as the public want to believe that this is the time when it should be all about them, that is sadly not the case.

The Philippine Elections have historically been an avenue for megalomaniac politicians to gain and hold on to power. Certain tactics were used to pelt with hopelessness and despair what is a legitimate exercise of freedom. Some of the headlines that you would see dominate the news would involve more and more of the following as Election Day nears: Vote-buying, ballot-switching, threats of physical injuries or death, elimination of the competition in its most literal sense, and what not. The power seemed to have slipped away from the people, dying in the slimy tentacles of a rotten political system.

In response to this vicious cycle, ABS-CBN’s Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo has given the voice back to those who have seemingly lost it. Preparation for the elections has never been this massive. Halalan 2010 should prove to be a season for the books, as local and national posts will be hotly contested by qualified and not-so-qualified personalities giving their all to secure a seat in the government.

Anyone can become a Boto Patroller. They can report suspicious and malignant election-linked activities and voice out election-related concerns and opinions. Boto Patrollers obviously get a voice. They also have the chance to see their reports aired on TV.

A bold venture to begin with, the project has proved to be quite a successful one. More than 4 million registered online alone. Indeed, this is a reflection of how Filipinos value their votes, that they want their opinions counted and their howls heard. The political paradigm is shifting once again… this time the plane of power tilting towards the people as should have been the case to begin with. Boto Mo Ipatrol Mo - staying true to its theme "Ako ang Simula" - is its way of helping the people make the coming election theirs again.

It's a good feeling to share the same ideals with the rest of the Filipinos. But when you have a moment to think about how you can really tell yourself "Ako nga talaga ang simula," then can you truly embrace the change and act accordingly.

May 2010 Elections isn't so far away.

Watch the new "Ako ang Simula Video"
ABS-CBN News Executives Maria Ressa, Charie Villa and Glenda Gloria joined Ebe Dancel of Sugarfree, Bituin Escalante, Barbie Almabis, Bayang Barrios, Vin Dancel of Peryodiko, Kat Agarado of Sinosikat, Teddy Corpus of Rocksteddy, and rapper Pachoy Lab...og and called on the youth to be vigilant about their votes in the 2010 polls in a new MTV directed by Paolo Villaluna.

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